Fast Hyperthyroidism Relief with Spooky2

By | July 3, 2024

Another success story from me, Recently I noticed that I wasn’t feeling hungry, my skin was very warm and sallow, yellow looking, hair was very brittle, I was very sensitive- emotional, turned on Hyperthyroidism xtra, Graves disease program and Iodine MW and my skin is not very warm anymore, hyper sensitivity is gone, hunger is back also dental problems starting to get solved with 0012 DH experimental teeth & gum restoration preset and all of that by working on remote.

So another testimony that RIFE works and works beautifully.

More money saved in my pocket instead going to the dentists and for buying Iodine.

I pity naysayers and believers in the mainstream doctors and the “science” but cant help someone who doesn’t think with his own head.


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