Fast Stroke Recovery with Spooky2: Remarkable Results in 14 Days

By | June 25, 2024

Post Stroke results using Spooky2 with 2 generators. A family member allowed me to support them after leaving the hospital to recover from a stroke. The picture shows their energy after leaving the hospital on the left and 14 days later on the right using Spooky2 Remotes and supporting programs. No terrain program was used because their body was too weak for any detox. The programs used are listed.

Generator 1 – Healing (R) – JW

Liver Function Balance (XTRA)

Lymph Glands Stimulate (XTRA)

Detox Toxins Elimination 1 (XTRA)

Colon Function Balance (XTRA)

Pituitary Function Normalize (XTRA)

Pineal Function Normalize Stimulate (XTRA)

Thyroid Function Stimulate Normalize (XTRA)

Adrenal Function Normalize (XTRA)

Pancreas Function Stimulate Normal (XTRA)

Gallbladder 2 (XTRA)

Emotional Ties to Diseases (CAFL)

Lymph Function Stimulate Normal (XTRA)

Blood Pressure Balance 1 (XTRA)

Circulation Stimulate Increased (XTRA)

Circulation Stimulate Normalized (XTRA)

Normalize White Blood Cell Production (XTRA)

Heart Function Balance (XTRA)

Kidney Function Normalize Stimulate (XTRA)

Nervous System Function Stimulate Normal (XTRA)

Brain Normalize (XTRA)

Generator 2 – Healing (R) – JW

Cardiovascular Diseases (ETDF)

Cerebrovascular Disorders (ETDF)

Inosine Production Stimulate (XTRA)

Intracerebral Hemorrhage (ETDF)

Stroke 1 (XTRA)

Stroke Follow Up (CAFL)

Stroke (ETDF)

Brain circulation (BIO)

Brain Vascular Disorders (ETDF)

Brain Vascular Disorders (ETDF)

Brain Normalize (XTRA)


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