Spooky2 for PTSD and Seizures? Journey from Bipolar Struggle to Hope

By | June 12, 2024

Once again I say this before I catch a lashing, I’m so green to this. But I’m so excited. As I was searching for answers and help for my bipolar manic depression, I came across Rife. This question is not for me per say, but for my pastor. I’ve known him about 3 years. After I met him he had to have his left eye removed because he had cancer in it. He’s also had cancer before in his pancreas. After having his eye removed, he started having seizures. All the doctors tell him it’s none epileptic, and is part of his PTSD from being in the service and serving in the Middle East. Now my question, can the spooky2 treat this? I have my own problems, but would love to help others. Thanks for your time.


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