Floaters for Many Years has Getting Better Using Spooky2

By | November 15, 2019

I have been a fan and user of biofeedback for over 17yrs. When I finally had a chance to track down the Rife system and frequencies, I jumped in with both feet and bought 6 generators and 1 GX.

As a biologist and practitioner, I still always approach everything with a bit of skepticism. To that end I try everything on myself first before I try it on anyone else.

I have had floaters in both eyes for many years likely due to stress. I have used supplements for years in an attempt to reverse or at least stop the formation of floaters, but no real progress. So I chose the Eyesight to Improve as my first go with my GX.

I had a large floater partially blocking my left eye central field of vision. I chose remote mode as that seemed the easiest and let it loop for 3 solid weeks. I can now clearly see thru my left eye as the floater has been blown apart. There are still floater fragments in my eye but my vision has improved and I will continue to work the program with supplemental support in the near future to see if I can push them all out. I will confirm with my ophthalmologist in the next few months but I KNOW he will be blown away as he keeps telling me my only option is to have the fluid drained from my eye, filter and reinsert it in a surgical procedure.

To further reduce my skepticism, I then created a custom program for a woman with low thrombocytes. she was waiting for a surgical appointment to remove the spleen to avoid any other platelet transfusions and steroid therapy. After running remote programs for bone marrow followed by spleen support and anti-inflammation for several weeks AND finding the right program she has been” fabulous for a couple of weeks and feeling great”. Her only other option was to undergo a splenectomy. At this time she has been terrific and we will continue to run the remotes until her system overcomes. She has not had to use steroids and that makes her very happy! In the hands of experienced practitioners, these Rife frequencies and devices will absolutely be the go-to for those tired of not getting results or slow responses or no answers for their dis-ease states!

I wholeheartedly support this system and my skepticism is almost non-existent. To all current, former and future users here is what I say! Take the chance, buy your system! The support is fabulous, the price is reasonable and the sky is your limit! BE WELL.

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