Fortunate to Have Been Exposed to Spooky2

By | August 9, 2016

Hi there ,

I just received my Spooky2 Essential Kit for Lyme, Morgellons, Cancer within th epast two weeks. I also have diminished cognitive functioning and was concerned, thnking I’d never manage to set it up and get running.

There really are just a few steps to setting up the Preset Programs onto the generators. ANd John White’s videos showing how to hook up the generators and accessories is short and easy to watch.

My body has been ‘chronically ill’/assaulted for decades.So, I am going with only Healing Frequencies for a while, the JW Healing (Remote) and only using the BioNorth Remote.

TO get a FEEL of confidence seeing something change quickly.

ALSO, my cat who has been itching/scratching for over 2years, is enjoying an itch free life now, after just a little over a week of my trying out different frequency sets and adding normalizing and balancing, and solfeggio frequencies.

Already, my back pain and Torticollis have diminished.

One of the AWESOME bonuses of Spooky2 is the Foot Detox Bath, which can help us all with detoxing.

As well as the colloidal. and so much more.

We are fortunate to have been exposed to this research equipment and software.

I hope you find it easy, too.


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