Frequency Healing and Spooky2 Almost Cured My Lyme Disease

By | December 2, 2020

My journey into frequency healing began over 15 years ago when my grandmother told me thanks for making it a good Christmas because it would be her last!

At the time I had a VW Jetta that ran on used cooking was converting an old Mercedes to do the same. My friend who was helping me convert the car told me about some friends he knew that had been cured of aids and cancer with frequencies. I was very sceptical but started researching. the science seemed sound so I experimented with just audio frequencies. I cured my grandmother of the problem in less than an hour and I was amazed. She kept saying it was a miracle, she went on to live to 100.

Needless to say, I was hooked I went from experimenting audio to handhelds, to plasma, to remote, all of them seemed to work, it was amazing! I went on to cure many more family members of many different health problems. Later I contracted Lyme and when I used the frequencies and plasma ball to heal it the cure was worse than the disease. The herxheimer effect was awful.

About 2 years ago I ran across spooky and was amazed it was like all things I had learned and experimented with were in a neat bundled affordable package! I couldn’t believe it. I had to put it on a credit card, which I hated to do but it was worth every penny!

I bought 10 generators and ran 4 of them on the remote Lyme protocol for 6 months I felt a huge difference and had zero herx! I have been running 2 generators on the Lyme while my other 8 are set up for family and friends or handheld mode. Before I got spooky I could barely stand was exhausted, weak achy and irritable all the time, I can’t believe how much it has helped and how I have changed. I would say I am 90% cured.

The frequencies and spooky have truly saved my families lives and got our lives back! I can’t thank spooky enough what a great bundle of technology!


3 thoughts on “Frequency Healing and Spooky2 Almost Cured My Lyme Disease

  1. Maria

    Congratulations on getting healthy again :D. I guess you don´t read this, but thank you for the post!


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