From Deadly Diagnosis to Joyful Remission! A HUGE SPOOKY2 WIN!

By | June 4, 2024

A HUGE SPOOKY2 WIN!!! Wonderful news! My alternative doc in Mexico has told me I’m now in remission after my recent last scan results!!! I was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer that had spread all throughout my bones in July 2019. My alternative Mexico treatments have kept the cancer from spreading and actually started to go after it a bit, but very slowly. It wasn’t until about 1 yr. into my treatments (July 2020) that I bought my Spooky2 equipment to add to my arsenal to fight this dreaded disease (2 3/4 yrs ago). Since then, I have seen steady shrinking of the cancer, with only a couple of new, small “hot spots” showing up a couple of times when I got weary and needed to take a break. I got back to it both times though and am now seeing great results. My latest scans say, “No convincing evidence of active disease in chest, abdomen or pelvis. They have never, ever said this before! I never thought I’d ever hear the “R” word…..remission…..after this deadly diagnosis 3 3/4 yrs ago, but here I am and I know without a doubt that my Spooky2 equipment has had a very integral part in this success. 😊

What I am doing:

-Running my plasma long tube next to my body overnight while I sleep several times per week.

-Running the same cancer frequencies by remote the rest of the time when not using my plasma.

-Running a detox preset on another generator 24/7.

-What preset I’m using: (preset tab>Cancer>Plasma>Cancer (Bacillus Licheniformis)(P) – JW.

Not bad for someone whose local oncologist told her 3 3/4 yrs ago that if I didn’t do chemo, I’d have

maybe 6 months to live and even if I did constant chemo, I’d still maybe only have 2 yrs and who got angry with me when I declined the best he had to offer. I told him that he was giving me no hope whatsoever. I love, love, love my Spooky2 equipment!!!! 💜


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