From Surgery to Success: Shrinking Prostate with Spooky2!

By | July 4, 2024

So grateful for these videos. My thyroid is swollen, mostly on the left side. I didn’t notice it until I got in the shower last night and messed with the lymph nodes from the neck up. Been dealing with lung and drainage issues off and on since last month. It actually got really bad the monday and tuesday ended up calling ems 3 times and going to the ER twice because of what was going on. The last 5 hrs I’ve been using this plus the thyroid and Thyroiditis one and they are doing a pretty good job at providing relief/ making it easier to deal with but my breathing was still being impacted by the swelling so I decided to get a piece of raw ruby and hold it against the area while blasting these frequencies. Didn’t take maybe but a few minutes for the swelling to almost completely disappear, went from impacted breathing to just being wheezy and the tenderness is almost non existent. Both Frequencies and crystals never stop amazing me in how powerful they really are. I’m so grateful for all that you provide friend God bless


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