Frozen Shoulder Immediately Relieved

By | July 3, 2019

A heads-up for the plasma preset “Frozen Shoulder (P) – MM” by Manuel Mallo. Works brilliantly! I’ve just done two sessions, experiencing almost immediate relief within 15 minutes and significant improvement by the end of the second session. I’m using the plasma in combo with the Big Magic PEMF mat.







2 thoughts on “Frozen Shoulder Immediately Relieved

  1. Howard Hanson

    I along with several computer savvy people have found the Spooky two software not very user friendly. I have yet to figure out how to use plasma with a program. I do get it to work after hours of frustration. When you get to the Control tab it always wants to use the last program and not the program that I would like to run. I shut down the software, restart the computer, clear the X on the control tab and it still brings up the last program that I used….
    Also I have found the search engine not user friendly. I type in the exact program and it does not come up. I type in a fraction of the word and I get several programs that then have the exact program but have to read the notes to really see what you are getting. Also even though it is on plasma and it is connected correctly the light does not always come on. Then sometime in the future with the same program it does come on. So I am not sure if Spooky is really working or not! Finally, the remotes connections are not made well and they have both come apart and are worthless. Hate to be a complainer but the truth is the truth. I support the concept, I think Spooky2 really has something going but they need to have better instructions and connections that don’t come apart. I have more to say but you get the point. Unhappy!!!!


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