Gastroenteritis, Diarrhea

By | April 13, 2016

There is a particularly virulent strain of Gastroenteritis going around Australia that is putting people in hospitals, with diarrhea for up to two weeks. Someone I know ended up in hospital with severe dehydration after 3 days of diarrhea. After being rehydrated via drip they were sent home and told it could take up to two weeks before it got better. This person was going to the toilet every 30 minutes and every couple of hours at night, this continued on the fourth day. By the evening of the fifth day this person had enough and upon my suggestion accepted rife treatment. This is what was run from the Spooky DB using handhelds with default settings…

Diarrhea CAFL Diarrhea XTRA
The person experienced stomach discomfort at 786 & 727. I did not run 802.

But no improvement by the 6th morning. If the person was more tolerant of the rifing sensations, I could have probably retreated using 786 & 727 with more success.

Still desperate the person accepted my offer for remote treatment. I ran from the Spooky DB the following using the default remote settings, except voltage at 5 and 1 for repeat each set.

Diarrhea CAFL
Diarrhea XTRA
Colitis and Diarrhea 2 XTRA
Cyptosporidium CAFL
Irritable Bowel Syndrome CAFL
Antiseptic General CAFL
Detox 3 Toxins in the Kidneys and Liver PROV
Haemorrhoids CAFL
Pause 1 hour CUST
Pause 1 hour CUST
Pause 1 hour CUST

The person was sceptical so I was not expecting any placebo effect. To my surprise, they reported feeling a little bit better almost immediately. After afternoon sleep on the same day, they woke up hungry and feeling less nausea. They ate some food and kept it down. Later they ate an evening meal and kept that down too. Now fully recovered.

I know the sample size of this is small (n=l), so not willing to draw any conclusions, the person could have got better anyway etc. But given the treatment cost nothing to administer, was painless and risk free, I will continue experimenting. If it was the treatment, then these notes may help others. I know of someone who almost lost an Aunty to this particular strain.


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