GeneratorX Helped Me With Gland Infection

By | February 5, 2022

I had heard about the Rife Frequency Machine for many years and was somewhat skeptical about this because we are all brain washed about everything around us but I have a positive attitude and an open mind to help me research this machine. The first devices that I found were the Tesla Biohealers and this device looked like a Pringles can( both ends sealed) and you just sleep with it or place it under your bed. Well it didn’t take long for me to decide that the Biohealers wasn’t for me. I did some more searching and found Spooky2 which was a set of devices that the individual could choose the frequencies and from what I seen there is a library of preset frequencies as well as those that can be chosen manually depending on the problems that each individual is having with their health. I looked at all the different setups and read about each price and it’s function and decide that for myself I would need a Generator X which has 2 generators so I can run specific programs for my ailments and run the second one to detox the impurities created from the 1st generator. Don’t get me wrong….no one is going to come out and set it up for you but I guarantee you that everything you need to make this machine improve your health is available online….everything!

To start one needs to run the 11 day detox in order to be ahead of the generators when you start your personal frequencies. My experience started with the 11 day detox and nearing the end of the 11 day I had an infection in my face and glands under my jawbone and my face was very swollen and painful to the touch. I decided this was the perfect time to see if this machine is real or if it is a fake. I went into the software and under Program I typed in gland infection and many programs pulled up. I just copied all of them (about 6 or 8) and started running them on my Generator X. I let them run all night on remote and the next day it was at 50% gone and my face was no longer sore and wasn’t tight to the touch. You can believe me or not but it was gone in 2 days. I was so happy because these frequencies do heal those with existing health problems. I am proof that these work and I have several health problems….allergies, high blood pressure, and borderline diabetic that I plan to attack. I think that Big Farma wants all of us eating pills everyday to generate their revenue but I’m tired of the pills so that is why I started looking for an alternative to taking all the medication. The best thing that Spooky2 has done to help the consumer is the presets and the ability to research different conditions. This is a great product and I will recommend to all my friends and family. Thank you Spooky2!

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