Genx Helped Me with My Knee Pain

By | November 5, 2021

Hello all. I just wanted to post what I have experienced with Spooky 2. Had a knee pain for the last 3 years or so. Getting really bad in the last 6 months. Limping was an everyday thing. Got my GenX few months ago. I did a contact and remote knee pain programs to not avail. Pain would go away a bit for a few hours or while doing the contact but would come back. I thought, well that’s is not probably the root problem. Ran osteoarthritis programs and worked a little better. But pain kept coming back. And then for some reason I thought to try out programs for varicose veins and blood circulation . I work 10 to 12 hs a day standing so I always had that restless legs feeling. Coming home and laying on the couch legs up to feel better. So I ran for 2 weeks remote blood circulation and varicose and spider veins. Pain is almost gone and the strength is back. I could not flex my leg up without pain and had no strength. And the restless Legs feeling is gone as well. I thought this could help someone. Blessings.

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