Good Results on Treating Coronavirus Symptoms

By | April 14, 2020

Week ago, came down with symptoms of coronaVirus. First day dowsed for a frequency of 1145.5 for 8 min on Spooky2 Central. Did wonders, but after that first day, results went down hill. 7th day was so sick, was desperate, was getting nothing from my list of frequencies, so I cold dowsed for a 6 digit number, not caring what came through, but was surprised how each of the digits came through pretty obviously. Ran it that night for 9 min and wow, felt results like I got from the 1145.5. Next morning, headache. Found out I killed the virus so fast that the dead bodies built up in my head lymphatic system which then I took Spanish black radish to clear it out. From then on it’s been good recovery time here so far and it has been 24 hours now. The frequency is 821966 Hz and there is nothing on that number on google. Hope it helps somebody.



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