Great Nights After Using the Dreams Preset

By | October 19, 2020

For all my lucid dreamers out there! This made me a true spooky believer. I made up this ‘Dream’ frequency combo using the shell preset Kill or Heal-DH. I ran it every night for a few weeks, and every night I had vivid/lucid dreams! This alone was worth every penny!
I added duplicates for some of the frequencies because they only lasted for about 3 mins. I think the total runtime for just my ‘Dream’ preset is about 1.5hrs. The order is in no way scientific, just what I thought might work with my sleep patterns. Try seeing what combo works best for you. I clicked the ‘Apply tissue factor’ just in case I needed it. Also, sometimes I chained some experimental frequencies with it to keep my body fresh.
**Before running any experimental frequencies “you must run the previous full Wellbeing and Chakra & Meridian frequency sets before this”** (Don’t know why, but that’s what it says for each experimental frequency)


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