GX Remote Helped Me Recover My Health

By | June 8, 2023

“Aloha! I would like to introduce myself & share that I am currently the Remote recipient (40mi/64km distance btwn us) of a very dear friend who purchased the GenX Remote machine in Fall 2022. With two DNA readers, we hope to rebuild our cells, repair DNA (he hernia, me PVD, non-diabetic) at night, while flooding ourselves with a Solfeggio range of 369-856 tones all day for a balance. We started last week (5/23/23) & are currently running the Blood Circulation Complex 1 (RUSS) program on me & the redness atop my almost dead left foot has slowly brought on a healthy flesh color in this short time. Running Hernia, Hiatel (ETDF) program for him has shown a noticeable (not gihugic) reduction of inflammation. I have been recording +/- physical/mental feelings, reactions & thoughts of how I am progressing/digressing & detoxing. This excites us!
Sending Oceans 🌊 of Aloha 🌺 to ALL, so that we continue to gain/utilize the knowledge so blatantly & conveniently denied to us for so long.
Aloha Always 🌺”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/posts/2524974037664484/

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