Hair and Knee and Other Simple Things.

By | April 12, 2016

So, I’m still learning and going very carefully and I know people are working with serious disease conditions and I don’t want to seem irreverent here.

But I thought I could give myself a make-over. As a result of some crazy stress, my hair started falling out some time ago. We follow good diet, so it was not necessarily a dietary issue as I also started taking some colloidal copper and did some other dietary adjustments. Whatever I did, bundles of hair kept falling out.

Spooky2 to the rescue. I ran the Hair Loss 1 and 2 and Hair Regain Color/Grow, on remote, very carefully, only 1 session a day – for 4 days – today my hair feels different. So, I could be imagining it, but I don’t think so. Of course time is needed for growth but there is a clear difference and it feels just very good. I can just imagine what this can do for people who have lost hair with chemo or other such destructive processes.

Another good thing. With some exercise a few days ago, I must either have slightly torn a inner meniscus on my knee, or wrenched something, but I woke up and literally could not walk or put weight on my knee. A physio therapist strapped it for me, and he suspected a tear but knew he would not get me even close to a x-ray machine. I ran the two injury frequency sequences, 2 x per day and immediately pain disappeared and I could walk much better than hobbling. It felt right to rest my knee though from time to time. This was 4 days ago and there is nothing wrong with my knee. Usually this would have been at least 3 weeks of strapping and careful hobbling around and so on.

I love this Spooky2, I’m in awe of the power of it, I’m still scared of it but now feel good enough to start using it for more serious conditions in our household. I just wanted to say that it feels sometimes too easy. We should not forget about exercise, of the type that is good for us individually, clean food and diet and a bright and expectant focus on life.

This is also in the form of an offer. I do not have much time, but could put some time in on say … database management or some other computer related task.


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