Heartbeat became regular, gallstone gone and burn pain eased

By | June 20, 2019

I have 42 xm generators and 2 genx generators as well as the spooky contact, spooky scalar. I have a Ph.D. in Energy Medicine and a Diplomat in Energy Psychology and I am in private practice. I also am licensed as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor and Mental Health Counselor. I utlize the spooky biofeedback for many of my clients to determine pathogens and then treat them remotely. I have 6 clients on the Lymes/Morgellons protocol. I start all clients who are wanting to experience spooky on the 11 day detox program initially, and then their custom biofeedback programs. Personally, I had heart issues – irregularity of heart beat or rapid heart beat – I used both the contact plasma and remote to treat the condition and in 4 days the condition cleared. My heartbeat is regular now. I continued to treat the condition for about 2 months 3 times a week, but have not had an episode for many months now. My partner had Gallbladder disease and his medical doctor wanted to do surgery. He had a serious episode where we took him to the Emergency Room and they determined the gallbladder was healthy but there was a stone in the tube leading from the gallbladder keeping the fluid from leaving the gallbladder. We immediately put him on the spooky gallstone/gallbladder frequencies, both remote and contact. In 36 hours he passed the stone and has not had any problems since. That was 1 year ago. I seriously burned by hand with hot glue and used the burn frequency via plasma two times for 30 minutes each. The pain went away with the first treatment as well as the weeping of the wound. After the next treatment of 30 minutes the wound was healing nicely. That was 3 weeks ago. The area is still a little red but the skin is smooth and there is no scar tissue.

Two of the clients on the Morgellons/Lymes protocol are experiencing great results. One who has finished the protocol is back to work, went on vacation, and is having no pain or immune issues. Her lab work verifies the parasites associated with lymes and Morgellons are gone. One lady with hip problems who had been in pain for a long time and was contemplating hip surgery, after 3 months treatment with spooky remote and contact has no pain in her hips.

Personally, I do the detox about 3 times a year and since I have been doing that I have not had the sometimes debilitating sinus infections, cold or flu that I seasonally experience before.

One client that I suggest purchase the spooky scalar had skin cancer which she was going to have removed. The surgery was delayed for several weeks. She was sleeping with the scalar and when she went to have the surgery the cancer was gone.


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