Help Cut to Heal, Spooky2 Truly Works

By | October 9, 2023

Want to post another testimonial on how well the spooky2 works. Yesterday I was cutting an avocado and sliced the skin open on the right ring finger at the crease of the knuckle at my my hand… didn’t bleed much but it was open where I could see muscle and ligaments… didn’t hurt much so I must have missed nerve endings.. anyway I doused it with hydrogen peroxide and neosporin ointment… was fine until I had to work on my house today… with the location of the cut I couldn’t bandage it so I just kept it covered with neosporin but with the saw dusts and other dirt, it started getting infected . I could feel it, got to a point where It was turning red and I couldn’t clinch my hand in a fist … couldn’t bend that finger very much… so I started the remote program “Skin Regeneration” that was about 4 or 5 hours ago… now the cut is closed up more than before and the redness and swelling is now about half of what it was and I can now clinch my hand in a fist like I couldn’t before I started the treatment … the pic is after I started the treatment several hours ago.. if you were to see it before the treatment… you could actually see some of the muscle and ligaments… that’s how deep the wound was.. now, it’s mostly closed and most swelling and redness is gone from just 4 to 5 hours of treatment… this spooky2 truly works


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