Her last two biopsies this year showed no signs of cancer.

By | May 25, 2018

My wife has been using two detox presets and a cancer killing program daily since early April except for a 10 day period when she goes out of state for chemo treatment. She has Acute Myeloid Leukemia and has been receiving treatment at a top rated cancer center since March of 2017. We have not told the university research team that we are using Spooky2 as we asked their opinion before purchasing the equipment and we got no answer. We also contacted a cancer treatment center in Mexico and did get a call,back but no followup from them after they received and reviewed her history and bone marrow biopsies.

So do we see results, it is hard to say. Annette finished 7 days of chemo on May 2. Her immune system usually goes down very low after a chemo cycle. She takes a trial study drug for 28 day cycle as part of her treatment.. After her May 2 last chemo treatment her platelet count went all the way down to 7. She goes for a bone marrow biopsy in two days and the hospital wants her platelet level to be at least 50 before a biopsy so she is scheduled for platelet transfusion just before the biopsy.. However in the last 10 days her body has been generating her own platelets and her white blood count has improved without any special hospital treatment. We don’t know why she is starting to show improvement, but between ourselves we think it is because of Spooky2. We have asked the research team if she can do without the next 7 day chemo cycle in June if her biopsy results are favorable. We think her biopsy results will surprise them. Her last two biopsies this year showed no signs of cancer. We like using the GeneratorX as we have set up the Spooky Central with the plasma tube on top of it on a stand near a sofa and without a computer connection and run two presets at once. I will be ordering another generatorX and a regular generator to use with a laptop in June so I can have a setup in another room.

We are very appreciative to Mr White and the members of the Spooky2 team and forums.



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