Here’s some of our successes with eliminating our problems.

By | October 25, 2017

Two months! and here’s some of our successes with eliminating our problems. Bell’s Palsy gone, sciatica gone, gamasoidosis stopped in me, my husband and our pets, bladder incontinence gone, insomnia stopped, frozen shoulder fixed, knee pain -gone, arthritis and slipped disc in our dog gone, thyroid rebuilding in progress, energy and vitality back, weight loss proceeding, and, big hurrah here-alzheimer’s in father-in-law stopped and
ta-da—reversing!!! after one week of remote treatment in kill-jw-alzheimer’s, and brain diseases. You should have seen his face when he started remembering. l might add that 99% of this progress was done remotely using presets. My husb and calls it my woo-woo machine, but when he saw how it helped his dad, well. 🙂

Success List


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