Hip osteoarthritis pain relief

By | January 12, 2023

I visited my friend Sarah early December last year, barely being able to walk due to the relentless agony of my osteoarthritic pain in my left hip. Literally dragging my foot across the floor O couldn’t stand let alone walk much. Sarah has had a Spooky 2 for some time and she suggested I go on the Hip pain programe .. o honestly didn’t think much would happen , but after almost half an hour of contact tens pads tingling away I got up and walked .. literally walked and almost skipped out of the room. I was astonished and overwhelmed that this had stopped all the pain as if my magic. It lasted a couple of weeks and knew I knew I had to get a Spooky 2 too, for this is the ONLY treatment that has made me pain free in years .. no meds or hospital treatment has worked until now !! I have had my Spooky now for a month and I absolutely adore it. I have told my friends and one has bought two Generator Pro’s and even his endless high blood pressure has gone to normal. Thank you for changing my life and that of those I love xx

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