By | April 8, 2016


I wanted to share a testimony about the new Spooky2 software and my mom’s hypertension. She has had high blood pressure for a long time now. It can sometimes go as high as 200/100. Before I ran her on the remote, her bp was 180/90. I used the JW Healing settings with the remote and boost cable. I ran hypertension 1-4 and blood pressure normalize. I told her to call me the next day with her bp readings. She said that it had dropped to 150/85. And then the following day, it dropped to 147/80. Unbelievable! I only ran it one time on her so far.

She was also experiencing some vertigo, so I ran the vertigo and dizziness. She said that she is feeling much better now.

Thanks for this incredible device!

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