I Am Feeling Very Grateful That My Dog’s Anal Duct Problems Are Getting Better

By | July 25, 2022

Could anyone recommend a program for a dog’s anal ducts that are not functioning well? Thank you in advance!
So I read that anal duct problems (i.e. it’s when the dog can’t express the liquid in the ducts naturally) can be caused by allergies so This morning I put the dog’s nail clipping into an XM and ran 2 allergy programmes, CAFL & RUSS, and took the dog for her morning walk. Within half an hour (!) of starting the programmes I noticed that she wasn’t stopping to lick her bum.
Then she did a poo and immediately afterwards expressed one duct after the other (I thought she had gotten diarrhea which can be a symptom but it was the clear liquid).
We’ve been home now half an hour and she’s not scooting or going near her bum.
Am I surprised? No, I know what Spooky can do, but I am feeling very very grateful!

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