I Am Super Happy with My Purchase

By | December 29, 2021

I am very new to the world of RIFE machines but I was blown away when I first heard about them and that I could own one easily at home, so I was pointed to Spooky2. Obviously, I had questions but when I came along they were having a great sale so I went ahead and bought the Spooky2 GeneratorX because of its standalone feature. After my purchase I had many questions and each one was answered by the next day EVERY TIME, which was remarkably fast turnaround in my opinion. I was always told an answer to my question and also given a video that corresponds too. A perfect combination of information. I do not feel like asking too many questions is a problem as they welcome them. As I learn more I can find what I need pretty well but I know if I can’t I can always ask.

After having my GeneratorX for a little bit now and having learned some things about its abilities! am amazed at what this model can do! I’m very happy that I went with this option with all the benefits of the newer model. The Sample Digitizer is really fascinating by itself. I’m interested what will come in time with its development

I am super happy with my purchase and I look forward to all that I will learn and all that I can do and treat as my knowledge grows. Thank you Spooky2!!

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