I and my friends have successfully treated numerous ailments

By | August 15, 2022

Myself & a small group of friends have now been using Spooky with Tesla box & Phantron tube for about three years. We have successfully treated numerous ailments among ourselves & friends, such as concussion, bone fractures, headache, fatigue, gastric upset, kidney problems & prostate. We completely rely on it to zap that terrible flu when the season comes round. After a recent record flood in our area destroyed our possessions we felt “naked” without it. So far, members of our group have treated breast cancer, bowel cancer & lung cancer, each time going into remission after only a couple of treatments with the violet tube…much to the astonishment of treating doctors. The patients simply told their doctors they had “gone vegan’ to avoid any legal compromise of their Spooky treatment. We now consider Spooky an old friend and a must-have home healing kit. The learning curve is small & the results are amazing, especially the new fast bio-feedback scan which effectively nails the problems. We continue to find useful new applications. 21st century frequency technology like this is almost like going back to Atlantis and lost harmonic technology of the ancients. A big thank you to John White for having the will & the skills to bring Rife tech so effectively into the present time. …sincerely, Paul White (in Australia)

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