I believe Spooky is the main reason for those results.

By | August 28, 2017

I’ve been experimenting with the Strep frequencies in the database and wanted to share some results when running them through Spooky Central. These programs are:

Beta Streptococcus 1
Beta Streptococcus 2

There’s duplicates in those programs so you combine the two, remove dupes and you have a seven frequency program. There’s some three digit frequencies and some five digit ones so I tried some different settings and went through each program a few times. Some worked great, some I felt absolutely nothing. Then I would try different settings and have the opposite happen. The ones that previously worked great, now I would feel nothing and vice versa. Results are below.

Using Beat Frequencies
943.4 – Air moving around GI tract, light headed
954.32 – Bubbling, churning in GI tract, off feeling
960.26 – Bubbling in GI tract, ears popping , tingly in right arm
11893.75 – Nothing
12031.25 – Very subtle, if anything
12106.25 – Very subtle, if anything
19168.02 – Very subtle, if anything

Using OUT1 only with various multipliers to get into the correct range for plasma
x1024 multiplier
943.4 – Slightly off
954.32 – Nothing much
960.26 – Very subtle, if anything
x64 multiplier
11893.75 – Right ear ache, feeling off
12031.25 – Subtle, but feeling something
12106.25 – Scalp of head tingly
19168.02 – Subtle, but feeling something

So then I combined the programs and settings into one preset which is attached. I ran it about every other day until I stopped having reactions. It took me about 6 times through the attached program to stop having any reactions whatsoever. Now I run through the program and feel nothing (as you would expect if the bacteria was indeed killed off). Results that I noticed were less brain fog, less dandruff and increased libido. I must say that I don’t do only Spooky Central for treatment. I’m always trying other stuff, playing with diet, detoxing, etc. So those effects could be Spooky or something else. I know, not very scientific, but I believe Spooky is the main reason for those results.

Feel free to use the preset but I recommend that you go through the list frequency by frequency, trying different settings for each. If you do this, you can only do maybe 4 frequencies before you need to stop or take a break. Otherwise you may think you’re reacting to a certain frequency when in fact it was the initial frequency you tried in that session for example.

If you end up trying it, please track and share your results!



Source: https://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=8358&sid=7ed09537525784de23c60db3b34b06c5

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