I can walk normally and pain free after using this machine

By | September 23, 2022

I’ve actually experienced this machine. I was barely able to move my left leg or bend my knee prior to the treatment from tripping on the ramp heading into a plane. For 3 weeks I was in agony. One session with this machine and I was walking pain free in 24 hrs. I got nauseous, fatigued, and weak that night into the next morning. Suddenly I was just walking normally and pain free. I’m considering the investment.

Source: https://business.facebook.com/spooky2rife/posts/pfbid02Sx3PMaLqrruaHjPkxukYZnQ9b8stW4C54zgpTFbtevU9JPK9LF5RmFW72D6gyxMel?comment_id=1206815133242302

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