I Couldn’t Be Happier That I Purchased My Spooky2

By | October 28, 2021

After Being totally confused at first on which machine to buy, I decided purchasing a Spooky2 GenX.
Upon purchasing I thought it would be weeks before receiving my Genx essentials kit. ( I live in USA) But to my surprise, 8 days later it was here! Now Wasting no time, I set up my machine, following the tutorials, and I was up and running! I started running terrain within an hour of receiving machine.
At the beginning, I’ll admit I knew absolutely nothing about all of this but with all the video’s, tutorials, forums and on line groups I was able to stumble my way through it all. If I have a question there is always someone to ask. The support is wonderful! I’m still learning but I couldn’t be happier that I purchased my Spooky2.

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