I got a very happy message from a client that reported that her breast cancer is in remission.

By | January 30, 2018

I will order very soon next week.
Yesterday I got a very happy message from a client that reported that her
breast cancer is in remission and is so small that it is difficult to
measure on the mri scan in the hospital, metastases also nearly invisible,
Ca markers below 10. I will update it on the forum.
Thanks again for the Spooky team.

Breast Cancer

Since 2 years I am working on a friend of now 51 years. First checkup photo was bad.
First appointment at hospital she got a 15 minute interview and diagnose. Result: You will die soon.
Enormous shock to her, because she was unaware of any problem. Tumor aggressive in breast. Metastases in lymph tissue behind breast bone.
Got no help whatsoever. Only palliative estrogen blocker to slow down the growth (they believed).
The only thing they suggested was: an extra MRI scan every 3 months to see the development.

I did 2 times a week a 1 hrs session with the Spooky Plasma, running Rife frequencies and KHZ from database.
After 6 months the tumour was half in size, metastases somewhat smaller. That gave hope.
Next 12 months, no progress. That made me studying to find answers. Than came SAMA Episode 28.
She told about viruses, fungi, or bacteria hosted inside the tumor. That was a hit.
Normally she sensed vibrations in her breast while running the plasma, but that faded away.

I did run: Candida, herpes, Epstein, HPV etc. once a week. The tingling sensations immediately came back on these frequencies.
Last scans in hospital were very positive. Nearly unable to measure any tumor or metastases, blood tests CA markers below 10.
Her oncologist was optimistic that she was nearly 100 % clean.

I hope to finish the treatment soon. It took me some extra breath, but I never, ever give up.
Thank you Spooky Team,
Seen you soon for ordering the Generator X.

Breast Cancer

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