I Got Fairly Instant Pain Relief Of Osteoporosis

By | February 17, 2022

Actually I did have a break through over night with Rifing. Until now I have been guessing what could be the problem as have many symptoms but nothing major, major serious but still a lot of pain……….. One of things I had recently been diagnosed is early onset osteoporosis, told to walk more by Dr and take calcium & D which I am doing. Lower back pain was getting worse with it. I was running Rife protocols for osteoporosis, muscle pain and inflammation with no luck……….. But last night after reading forum I think someone said run Bone healing. So I did and got fairly instant pain relief. Amazing! Please note I have not done biofeedback yet as don’t have the time to lay there for spooky pulse. I will find the time in my busy life but now I am so encouraged and definitely feeling hope. I did have success for my dog Rifing her for diarrhea as well, so I should mention that. Until today, not really myself with the pain. I think to be in pain daily wears you down…………..I do feel thankful now I found Spooky2 and still learning! Trying to just hit your symptoms did not work for me, as I said learning what will work for the individual is important but more on this in the manual would have been helpful. Blessings

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