I Had GREAT Results with My Sister with Spooky2

By | June 12, 2020

I now have 6 Spooky2 machines. Two Generators X and 4Generators XM. I thought I read that I could only use one machine or each person, but after I heard that I can use it for more on each generator. I don’t regret having them all. I use them all 24/7! I have had great results and also not so much. Had GREAT results with my sister with remote. I live in Maui, Hawai’i and she lives in Portugal, Europe. She has been on medication for depression for at last 30years. Always feeling like munb and didn’t have the strenght to deal with feelings and life. Now, with the detox and all the programs for parasites, etc etc she’s coming out of the meds. Parasites have been coming out…. some HUGE out of her mouth and nose. Disgusting, but so grateful for them to COME OUT!! Now she told me that I can stop working on them cause everything is coming out CLEAN!! She’s soooo HAPPY!! Talks a lot, all her life is going through her mind, her heart and Soul and she’s so happy that she dealing with all of it. She’s funny and very positive. So, I am VERY HAPPY and GRATEFUL to Skoopy2. I have been working on my dogs for ear infections, allergies, parasites, worms, itching but that hasn’t worked at all. As for me, I ave been working on eye floaters, and I still have them. I am better from an urinary inflammation that I have had for years…. For inflammation in the body hasn’t worked very well… for me either. Still have it. So, maybe I just din’t know how to use it the best way. Still, I recommend to all my family and friends. I believe in Quantum Physics!!!

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