I Have Been Using Spooky2 in My Health Centers with Great Success

By | December 2, 2019

For the seven years I have been using Spooky2 in my health centers with great success, we treat 20 to 25 patients per day.

Almost 90% of patients are referred by friends, family or neighbors because of their improved health status. I can honestly say thousands have benefitted from Spooky2 treatment.

I also manufacture a variety of natural medicines and provide that as part of the treatment protocol.

After a consultation, they are advised to attend treatment of ten sessions on spooky and including natural medication depending on their ailment. After 10 treatments I then evaluate them to see their improvement and I sometimes stand amaze at the improvement and their gratefulness of their health condition, they are then advised to carry on with the medication I prescribe.

To name but a few successes, one of my patients use to walk with a crutch because of arthritis and after her treatment she one day was walking down the road without her crutch and with high heal shoes and her neighbor saw this and stopped her to ask what happen to her, she told her that she attended treatment at the health center and the result was that almost all the people in that street and their friends and families came for consultation.

In another case a gentleman was due for a prostate operation and after treatment, he went to the hospital on the due date and when he was examined, they told him the operation was not necessary, he came back to me to thank me for giving him back his health.

Another case they brought a man from a neighboring country who was discharged after 4 months in the hospital in a wheelchair, they told him they cannot do anything for him. He attended 3 x 10 sessions and he was steadily improving and started the exercise and he could walk again.

A few women who could not conceive are now mothers with healthy babies.

People come who are suffering from conditions such as Liver, kidney problems, UTI, STI, Parasites, Pancreas, Uterus, Menstruation, IBS, Fibroids, etc, etc are being helped.

I want to use this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Spooky team for a marvelous work of helping thousands of people to better health and helping me to make a success of my health practice.

John and Echo you are shining stars; I will forever appreciate what you are doing.

I will come and visit you on my next trip to China.

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