I have been using Spooky2 since 2014. I bought it for my Lyme. I honestly cannot share all the good it has done for me and my family.

By | November 30, 2018

I have been using Spooky2 since 2014. I honestly cannot share all the good it has done for me and my family. The story that changed me the most though was the first real challenge I had with Spooky2.

I bought it for my Lyme. However, I stuck mainly with detox for the first six months. After owning and running it for a couple months, my sister became very ill. She was living about 800 miles away from us and she lives alone. She was running very high fevers but exhibited no physical signs of a fever. The previous time this happened to her, she was admitted to the hospital and stayed there almost a month. It then took her almost a year to regain all of her strength from that experience.

My husband and I decided to fly me up there to help her the following morning. I brought my two Spooky2 generators. When I got to her place, she looked very weak. The first thing I did was we hooked her up to the Spooky2 and did a biofeedback scan. Then I ran detox on one generator, and the scan results on the other. Over the next 24 hours, we rotated between the scan results and a sweep. Her fever broke and she started to feel a bit better.

Did I mention she was also going to acupuncture school at the time and had a final the second day I was there? Well, she did and I drove her to the train station. After running the Spooky2 for 36 hours, she took her final and came home very weak. Her fever never came back and after five days she was driving again and getting her strength back faster than she ever had.

To this day we still do not know what caused that episode in her. However, I saw first hand the power of what Spooky2 could do and became a believer. I went home and we bought two more generators. Soon after I began to treat my Lyme and now I am doing so much better. I actually have a life now! My children will text or call me from school asking me to run programs on them. They know it works too. My husband is the ultimate skeptic, yet he can’t deny the changes he has seen in all of us – himself included. Just last weekend he hurt his wrist playing football. I ran some ligament healing programs and 24 hours later he had no pain or signs it was injured at all.

Thank you Spooky2! It has been one of the biggest miracles in my life!

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