I love spooky!

By | August 3, 2017

Dear Echo
How do I feel about using Spooky 2????? I’m utterly utterly stunned.blown away by it all. It is truly truly amazing and I cant thank you and your little team there enough. For two reasons

(a) because it works and its amazing and

(b) because you have kept the costs affordable to people like myself who have very little means because they cant work and live on benefits and any things like this that are available are sooooo expensive they are way beyond their means.

It has cured my husbands restless leg syndrome on remote. As longas the remote is going there are no problems. He wont let me switchit off he has a generator and I have a generator. His is on 24/7 andhe guards it fiercely lolololololol.

I have just made my first batch of colloidal silver, and im on the secondbatch I have given most of the first lot away to friends and family. My generator is running the colloidal silver at the moment 3 litres it willbe done on Friday at 7pm.

Im still learning ive read most things now am going through the vidoesmaking notes. I have a filofax notebook full of notes now….. Im armedto the teeth and I mean business lolololol Im going for this in a big way.

I did a detox parasite cleans on my friend (bless her I love a willing victim to practice on) lol it worked she got horrendous die off, butwe both know thats good even though not nice at the time. We also successfully cured a breast cyst with it on my friend she is delighted. She has been going to a frequency clinic for years and they never managed to cure it but Spooky has.

I have a whole string of health problems (epilepsy, M.E., Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, food allergies to most everything) so I know it will be a while before I see a result but I am fully convinced I will get there in the end.And spooky is the man to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i am still at the reading stage and im busy curing friends and family and making colloidal silver so others get on the machine before me. Once I get past the learning stage I shall be on the machine more for myself. What i am saying is my time is taken up reading the books and manuals and watching the videos and treating others rather than on myself just right now but obviously that will change soon and then I shall see results myself.

I love spooky! I Cant thank you enough.
Much love and kindest regards to you and the spooky familyxxxxxxxxxxxxx




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