I Really Felt Relief After Using Spooky2 On My Liver Area

By | April 15, 2022

Got Spookie2 Basic and have started the long process road in learning how— I used an old discarded windows pc. I have known and flowed Royal Rife research. I have been infected with lime multiple times for over 25 years and was diagnosed with HepC for even a longer time. Never took the drugs for it and I’ll be 70 soon—I’m kinda still in the detox stage. Never took the Pharmaceuticals that were constantly prescribed with the constant scare of premature death. My wife and one and 2 of my remaining friends are the only ones that I have shared my Spooky experience with. As great as Spooky2 may be, it still requires a real steep learning curve especially for those that I know and are in need of serious body repair. Every day I learn a bit more. I bought a second really cheep Asus laptop that allows me more leeway in trying out the so many options available. Plan to order the Xpro Gen but I need to find out what all the settings in the Settings Control do and how to use them. Spooky support is super and they respond the next day with info and links. Since I have been in remote detox and early healing modalities, I have not expected any results yet but today I used the Cold laser Twin on my liver gall bladder area for about 35 mins because that’s where I feel discomfort and malaise when I’m stressed and I really felt relief after that self session. Spooky2 makes me think of Dr. McCoy in Star Trek who would do a quick scan with his little gadget and would press some button and it would know what to do when the sick or dying patient was scanned and healed. We are all going through and finally waking up to this planetary dictatorship that has controlled our bodies and minds for tens of thousand of years. I share my blessings with you ALL.

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