I Resolved A Dental Granuloma Using Spooky2!

By | June 12, 2020

I resolved a dental granuloma using Spooky2! Several months ago I noticed that a small dental granuloma (about the size of a grain of rice) appeared on the gum adjacent to a tooth (which was an old root canal). There has also been tenderness in that area of the gum. One can visualize what this looks like by searching dental granuloma, images, on the internet. I did a biofeedback scan by getting a sample of blood from the granuloma (by brushing against it with my toothbrush). I used the GeneratorX to run the scan. Then I ran the resulting program using the Remote method, with my fingernail in the remote. I also ran the presets for Granuloma Dent (CAFL) and Dental Abscess (XTRA). Within a day I noticed a small decrease in the size of the granuloma. And within about 2-3 weeks, it was no longer visible. This impressed me very much. I will continue to run these frequencies until I feel that all of the tenderness is gone. I am so grateful to have Spooky2 in my corner.

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