I run the Bell’s Palsy program improvement after just one scan. Will my face look normal again?

By | May 21, 2019

What? Me a healer in the emergency room!!!

After years of wanting a frequency machine I finally got my spooky a couple of years ago. Between my clients life and illness in my family I did not use Spooky that much on myself. I felt pretty good but life was crazy so I pretty much just ran a couple of biofeedback scans, dna repair, essential oils and harmonics for harmony. But, most of the use of my only 1 generator was used on my son, family and clients remotely. With success but I knew I was an only scratching the surface.

After relocation, divorce, and family trauma… I felt I just needed to rest and recover. I kept “meaning” to pull Spooky back out… I had not been seeing and communication with past clients was pointing them to other practitioners.

Just a few days ago, I was intermittent fasting and up late, I had eliminated all my known allergens for one week. I was totally immersed in researching a topic. I realized I was super hungry! I eat a couple of pretzel chips… my tongue goes numb, next my right side of the face get paralyzed! (I look at the ingredients, yes! one of my top allergens was listed.) I take vitamin c then charcoal and do everything I can think of. I pull out the case I have all my spooky equipment in. I run a couple of programs I thought might help. It gets better I go to sleep.

The next morning things were much better but by the end of the day things are much worse.

I go to the ER just in case it’s a stroke or blood clot. They immediately put me in a wheelchair and rushed me in for a cat scan. Scary folks!

Thankfully, no stroke or clots it was Bell’s palsy.

Now I know what I’m dealing with!

I run the Bell’s Palsy program improvement after just one scan. Now the frequency feels a bit strong with the settings, I adjust something… now I can not feel ANYTHING.

I try to chat live with tech support (sweet people) they needed my order number or something for their records, I have a new computer all my paperwork is in my home state. Now exhausted and extremely stressed. I’m on antivirals and steroids from the hospital first prescription in 15 years. I had no mental strength left and I was so tired.

I turn off my computer, generator and try to go to sleep!

Will my face look normal again?

The next day I could not even turn on my computer and try to get things working, I was so emotionally and mentally drained.

The new day I turn on my Spooky refresh my mind with a couple of videos. It works!!!

Now it’s been a long time since I used Spooky I’m trying to remember everything I’ve learned in the past. I can not remember much of anything! I know I did not run the best programs or the best things for me at the moment. I even thought things were running a couple of times and they were not. Time wasted.

My point and what I hope helps others:
When we are under extreme stress it’s so very difficult to think logically. There may come a time when time is of the essence and you are not going to want to be fumbling around like I was. I’m hopeful if your reading this you can and will Learn to the point that it’s automatic, you can get things running quickly if needed.

I wish I had had more than one generator. If your a healer like me heal thyself and make sure you have at least one generator dedicated to you 24/7. It’s way too easy to see and know people sicker and in “more need than you” Learn from me take care of you too.

Good news: Yeah! One of my clients has two generators on order one for me as payment for my services and helping her set hers up. Now I will have two to use plus the colloidal silver. Yeah! Next I will be getting the plasma and generator x for quick scans.

I am 98% recovered I’m currently gaining mastery at all of this so there is no time lost if a loved one or I needs emergency treatment.

Bless you and I really hope this inspires at least one person.

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