I understand why you need more than one machine!

By | August 2, 2017

I have had Sarcoidosis since 2014 but in 2015 I managed to get rid of most of the symptoms with colloidal Silver. I have been using Spooky 2 for over a month now treating various conditions and learning how to get the best out of it. I have done two biofeedback and one on my daughter. I have had good results with a cold/Flue program with PROV category getting rid of sore throat sneezing and running nose in about 3 hours. Also good results from Testosterone boost program with B3 and K Vitamins run overnight. I also appear to have got rid of Psoriasis on my legs. I have used Spooky Remote with one session a day being wired using tens pads. I combined both my wife’s and my DNA and ran the Terrain Protocol for 11 days on remote BN. I cant say I noticed much. However I have a bad shoulder/neck pain and ran the Hilda Clark Songs of the Spine and this appeared to give some pain relief but not permanent. I will buy a PEMF coil shortly. I was hoping you would develop some programs to help blood circulation using it as I have seen some posts from other makers of machines with scans showing how it can free up clumping of blood cells causing circulation issues. Hope this feedback is OK. I have many programs to run yet to improve my health I understand why you can need more than one machine!



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