I was diagnosed with a big problem a compromised immune system. I’m so happy with my results using Spooky2 colloidal silver.

By | November 30, 2018

Giving thanks to the Spooky2 team and the Spooky2 family. I would like to express my thanks my Spooky2 journey began when I was diagnosed with a big problem—a compromised immune system.

When I searched for natural and or alternative ways to battle the effects of a compromised immune system, I heard about colloidal silver. Then I asked my friend Claire about colloidal silver as I remembered she was into natural and alternative health and well-being.

And she said that I can make colloidal silver with a Spooky2 generator and colloidal silver kit and it won’t break the bank like buying bottles of colloidal silver from the shops. I did remember seeing some of her posts on Facebook about her positive results using Spooky2.

Me being skeptical her Facebook posts went over my head but now after hearing you can make colloidal silver with Spooky2, I thought I would give it a try myself.

In June 2017, I brought a small setup. I started by drinking clean distilled water and made my first batch of colloidal silver. I was shocked how easy it was. With the instructions from the Spooky2 team and Spooky2 users, I also used Contact and Remote to make use of the equipment that I brought. And because I’m so happy with my results, my Spooky2 setup has grown. I haven’t been unwell since starting Spooky2.

I would like to express my thanks because Spooky2 isn’t just an affordable rife machine, it helps towards self-empowerment with lots of alternative health and well-being information in their SAMA (Spooky2 ask me anything) videos also other videos and information they provide us. Wish everyone the best of health.

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