I Was Happily Surprised That My Symptoms Have Gone

By | February 17, 2022

So I had taken a break from Spooky for a long while as I am in 2 year mentorship program for Chinese herbal medicine. Last week I decided to run some programs. Previously I had been experimenting with herbs and caused myself some unwanted symptoms. Around the same time I started with the spooky program. I started having night time dizziness, which I thought was due to the herbs I took, but I had stopped those, which usually means the effects stop. They did not. Finally I remembered I had the Spooky remote running on detox maintenance, eyesight and maybe immune support. I stopped the program and the symptoms stopped. I was happily surprised, or one to have the symptoms gone, as well as to have had this experience, all be it a bad one, I was renewed in how effective Spooky remote can be, and have since used some common sense and not run a detox with a healing program, but have decided to run some healing programs for scar tissue, eczema and Crohn’s, which seem to be not causing me any issues. Just thought I would share this awakening experience.

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