I was in so much pain every day, then alas, I ran across the spooky2 system, which I had read about 10 years before.

By | January 30, 2018

What I can tell you Roger is that you want results you can see. I get it. Even the you tube videos of killing some bacterium and pathogens didn’t do it for you. You obviously have spooky and do not see the results you wish to see? I have never believed it could kill environmental molds, or get rid of my eye floaters, cause if you think about it, floaters are actually on your eye, and a wash usually gets rid of them, I actually use a tea formula found online that I pour into my eyes when I get floaters and it gets rid of them immediately…. but they come back, as stuff floats in the air all the time.

But, if you could have seen me six months ago roger, I was barely walking, I was having epidural shots and burning nerves in my back just to be able to stand straight. I could hardly walk, I did not wish to lose my job, and the doctors could only tell me it was just damaged too much and I would have to deal with it and continue the treatments every 3 months just to stay employed and keep the insurance I needed for my family and self. I had already used a water ionizers for 4 years so I did not have to deal with a lot of respiratory issues I used to deal with, but walking…. I was in so much pain every day, then alas, I ran across the spooky2 system, which I had read about 10 years before. I bought it due to the way the software operated with the generator, as the ability to run frequencies without entering each and every one was a very needed thing.

I cannot undo the damage done to my lower back and spinal column roger, but I do not have to do the procedures and burning no more. I only take the pain pills once in a while now, my wifes is so glad for me as it was her that had to see me and watch as I had to hobble every where. I can walk, and jog, and bend to pick up things if I do it carefully, and I no longer wake in pain and tears in the middle of the night due to pain. My wife has reduced her pain meds to almost nothing, as her rheumatoid damage is permanent also, but she is now a believer and she doesn’t know electronics like I do. She only knows results.

We cannot show you pictures, I can tell you how my cane now resides in the corner, I can tell you I sleep all night and in different positions as well, as that is a big thing believe it or not. All you have to know is thinking back on it, to see my smile as I remember. you know, I have seen pictures of john white (he appears to be a humble man) and I have read lots of post from echo lee, and then there is this forum and the folks at spooky. I do not believe at the price for the spooky system that they are making much profit from it, certainly at the price it is…. but I would have given a lot more for it now thinking back to when I could not walk. I wish them all the karma in the world.

But when you think of spooky, think of the “flu shot”, and how effective it is. Folks still die on it from the flu, some die from the exposure to the shot itself.And yet, it is not 100 percent, the pathogens mutate, they change, and the problem continues, and yet all these folks take it and will tell you how wonderful it is. But when some of us use spooky and we tell folks how wonderful it is, there is disbelief, and naysayers everywhere. And yet I have not heard of anyone dying “because” of spooky. And yet healthy people die “because” of the shot. and still folks rave over it.

Maybe it is placebo eh? I am glad it was available. Like a healing due to prayer? or the ability to cause change through power of the will?like magick? or the ability to heal like Radionics? who knows?

Read these forums my friend, judge for yourself, and keep experimenting with your spooky as well. I will buy me a microscope this year just to witness some truth myself. Hopefully that is if I can stop buying spooky equipment (just a joke). I will tell you, I have changed truly, and I fully believe it was the spooky system that did it, and I am a huge skeptic, except for that time with the phanotron tube where my body actually went nuts for the 3 minutes it was on a certain frequency, but thats another story..


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