I was making progress detoxing

By | October 24, 2022

I already emailed you this, but I will tell my you my story again. I do want to share this with others. I want to start by sharing my story. I work as a firefighter in the US. I had to wear masks when going on medical calls. I apparently developed bi-lateral due to wearing tainted masks at work. I live alone, and I tried everything to cure my disease. After struggling for several weeks, I broke down and took a PCR test in December of 2020. Several months later I learned about the stuff in those tests and the shots. I tried all kinds of vitamin, NAC, and other detoxes recommended by La Quinta Columns and others. None of that worked. I heard of Spooky 2 in September of 2022. I currently have 10 Remotes running non-stop. Most are running a a quick detox with remove chemicals throughout the body, in case of heavy metal exposure, blood, kidney, liver, lymph detox (rapid all in one program for that), a toxin elimination, an EMF detox, and a frequency fatigue set on a Kill or Heal shell. I have 5 remotes spaced out on that protocol. I created a program using your Graphene Oxide removal preset. I put that into the programs page and added a lithium detox. I saved that program. I opened that program and added a lithium 6 and lithium 7 detox. I repeated that process and added both flouride detox programms at the end. I am not sure of the exact order of the programs I added to that list. I left some spacing between the graphene oxide programs. I run two Remotes bacj to back on a Dual Heal shell. I left spaces so one remote would always be running graphene, and the other would target lithium or flouride. At the end of that program there is a break where neither remote is targeting graphene oxide so I can run my graphene ixide prigram for weeks on end without getting frequency fatigue as there is a built in break. I run the Pfizer vaccine detox which gave me a strong hit. I also created a DNA repair program that I run. I alternate two other programs. One I chose Cancer (1, 2, 3), male infertility, and a Morgellan (R53). I alternate that with a Heart disease, allergy program , varicose veins, and a cartilage broken bone repair. The varicose veins and allergy programs are because I have those conditions. The cancer, heart disease, and infertility is because those are things targeted by the “vaccines”.

I recently received a Spooky 2 Scalar Harmony device. I thought I was making progress detoxing before. Boy was I wrong. I am just using the Scalar and Harmony device playing a 741 Hz Detox frequency. I am also using green tea to imprint into the signal. When I was sick, I started drinking green tea which made my pneumonia symptoms lessen. I also read someone say that nanotech is repelled by green tea. Based on my experiences, I confirm that correct. This stuff is coming out of body in my Scalar field. There are chunks I cannot see that are crawling out like worms. I feel them crawling around on my face. This works insane!

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