I Was Shocked When I Didn’t Have Pain And Stiffness In My Lower Legs

By | February 21, 2022

So I’ve done terrain and a few other presets like daily wellness. I just started doing bfb scans and doing the results in remote mode in addition to a detox/healing program. I’ve done three scans so far.
Now, normally after I sit in the car, on the couch, or anywhere for maybe 10-15 minutes or more, I am so stiff and ACHY in my lower legs that it’s really hard to get walking again and I limp until I get stretched out. I was told it’s due to thyroid issues. It’s been going on since my 30s and now I’m 51. I just accepted it as part of my life.
After only two scans and running the results remotely, I got up off the couch last night and expected to feel very achy and stiff. I was shocked when I didn’t have pain and stiffness!!! Even this morning, my lower legs weren’t stiff and achy!!! What the!?!? Can you believe the results after only two bfb scans and treatments!!?!? It’s not completely resolved but I’m 100% sure I’m on my way to no more pain and stiffness when getting up after sitting for a bit.

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