Improved Tolerance to Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

By | April 6, 2016

For many years I have had reactions tvertigo and nausea would set in with a vengeance…well I took the Tylenol for 7 days, at 5 – 8 per day, and the vertigo and nausea never did happen.


I’m thinking it was the liver programs that did it, since the other terrain programs I ran were just detox. For running the liver sets listed above, I used:

Remote – Black (MN)
Dwell multiplier .33
8 Hz Gate; Randomized gate
.02% feathering
unchecked “Remove duplicate frequencies”
Repeat Each Set 4
Holland Harmonic 11 hz with Modulate F2 using F1 (AM DSB)

Ran the liver program (the three sets were all loaded on the same run) for 22 hours. I only ran it the once. I used killing instead of healing because of the liver flukes frequency set. I was not expecting this to improve my reactions to drugs; this was a very nice bonus!vertigo and nause

During the post-op week: I ran Accelerate injury Healing XTRA; Edema and swelling CAFL; and for inflammation took serrapeptase 120,000 x 2 four times a day. It’s been 8 days since the surgery and about 80% of the pain and swelling have resolved.



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