Inline imageEven the major papers reported the spooky supported stranded whales as a miracle.

By | May 7, 2018

I started talking to a group of young greman backpackers who had hitched a ride in to help, I told them about the food and water I had but no way to cook for that many people, now some people are alot more outgoing than others, next thing I know one of the guys is on the back of the DOC truck yelling for everyone to come over, 90% of the people there where overseas visitors, kiwis were very few and far between, he was yelling out in english then in german that there was going to be a free kitchen set up, but we needed anything people had to cook on and any saucepans etc, another guy jumped on the back of the truck he couldn’t speak very much english but was fluent in german and french, between instruction being given in 3 languages, one and a half hours later the first food was ready, now I don’t know quite how it happened but that kitchen ran for two and a half days, nobody had to pay for anything, it never ran out of food, in fact most of the time the food was in abundance even though we were a very very long way from the nearest town.

About 4.00pm the spotter plane reported what we had all been dreading, the super pod had stranded, it was about 10klms from the base camp. This is when i realized just how professional project jonah really is, as soon as the news of the stranding the jonah trained whale first aiders are dispatched, their job is to check out the greatest need for the whales, there were lots of whales piled up one on top of another, whales stuck on their sides, young whales and some babies, the first volunteers were sent to arrange parking for all the cars. At the DOC truck the call goes out for strong people to help move the whales, by the time they get to the whales, project jonah have worked out which whales are in the most desperate need and what needs to be done, 10 minuets later the runners are dispatched their job is to get the the whales fast and start bailing water to keep them cool. then everyone else is allowed to go, i was in the 3rd lot, when i parked up i look across the beach the whales had stranded 2kms off of the road. My heart sank, with my health problems I couldn’t imagine walking 2km, but I had to ,this was why I was here, nobody else could help the whales with spooky except me. I looked at the lights flashing away on the spookys i put my hand on the little blue generator and said “spooky to the rescue”, and I was off, with plastic bags and cotton buds in my pocket, it took me one and a quarter hours to get to the whales.

I had spoken to people who had been at the stranding the day before, but nothing could prepare me for the real thing. As i got closer the black line in the distance became individual animals, being a bottle nose whale they talk in squeaks and clicks like a dolphin, some had given up they just layed there with their eyes closed and didn’t move while others continued to thrash around trying to save themselves but the ones that got to me the most where the talkers, they keep calling out and as their language changes you can’t understand what they are saying but you know they are trying to talk to you, I held it together just, until I saw these 3 young teenage girls, they had made a sling out of their cloths and were carrying a baby whale around trying to finds it’s mum while singing a lullaby to keep it calm, the tears started to come, I was so overwhelmed, then a hand touched my back and a woman in a jonah vest said is this your first stranding I couldn’t talk i just nodded yes, she gently said the whales need you there’s time for tears later. I felt the cotton buds in my pocket, spooky can’t help the whales if I don’t help spooky and got started.

Knowing a bit about the breeding behavior of whales I knew they would have a lot of dna in common, I waited by a whale when it blew and collected a small amount of mucus ,all up I got about 50 samples from the 300 whales.

The last whale I did was one who had given up. I put my hand on her while I waited for her to breath, she opened her eyes and looked straight at me straight, in the eye, she started to click and whistle, i got a sample from her and walk away, but she started thrashing, I went and sat next to her head and put my hand back on her, I knew i could communicate with her. I asked her why they had stranded she said we were called in.I asked her who had called her in, she didn’t know, she couldn’t understand why they had been called in to go through this, they had all heard the calling and come great distances to be here. I told her I didn’t understand either, but promised to try and figure it out. As the tide started to come in I had to leave as it was a very long wask back for me, I kissed the whale good buy and promised her that she would survive as spooky would be working on her shortly, it was so hard to walk away.

When the tide comes in only those with wet suits can stay in the water, they help the whales to float and form a human chain to stop them coming back, most people don’t have wet suits, project jonha has some spares but not enough for all the people who want to help, so now when I go to op shops and garage sales, I buy second hand wet suits I’ve got about 20 now, and on my next trip down, these can go towards the wet suits for volunteers to use, it doesn’t cost much a few dollars here and there but it makes a hugh difference at a stranding.

That night i booked into the camp grounds so i could charge the batteries for the inverter and have the spookys on mains power, i cut tiny pieces off the tips of the cotton buds and poked them into the remotes, ran energy and vitality frequencies, now it was time for spooky to do what it’s best at, preforming miracles.

The next morning at first light I was down the beach, the spotter plane was up it reported just a few whales had re-stranded on another beach, jonah medics found 17 whales full of energy just waiting for the tide, the rest of the pod were waiting in the bay for them, not 1 dead, even the babies had survived, whale all 300 had survived, i was standing on the rocks alone or so I thought and i started dancing a little jig singing spooky saved the whales. spooky saved the whales, then this voice said “who is spooky and what did he do”. There was a Maori lady in a jonah vest, she was from the local Iwi (tribe). I explained about frequencies then about spooky, and how spooky was a gift to the world being produced at such a low cost so everyone could have one, i told her how the universe often either crossed my path or sent me to where spooky was needed, and this was just one of those occasions, that I personally had done very little towards helping the whales and it was all part of a much bigger picture.

We returned to the headquarters and DOC told everyone how all the whales had survived, big cheers went up, compared to the 300 that had been killed this really did raise everyone’s spirits, the spotter plane had seen another super pod of around 1000 whales that had formed over night, in the harbor, the 300 survivors were heading towards it, a couple of hours later the 2 groups of whales met up, I was at the DOC truck listening, “the whales have stopped moving” ” they are all mixing together,” this went on for about a hour, then “the whole lot slowly heading back towards the entrance to the harbor.”
DOC asked everyone to stay in case they we were needed, but there was nothing to do setting in a paddock, the Maori lady taught everyone a waiata (song) which which was translated from maori to english the into french and german but it worked, we went to the beach and sang to the whales and did drumming journeys asking the ancestors to guide the whales safely out of the harbor, and we held a memorial for the whales who hadn’t survived, people talked about their experiences with the whales comparing the experience to the birth of their children or getting married, and the new friends they had made, none of us were going to leave this experience the same as we were when we arrived, at 6.00pm DOC announced the whales were close enough to open sea to be safe and the spotter plane hadn’t seen any more super pods forming out at sea, the stranding was now over, the cheering was deafening, everyone crying, tears flowed with the mixture of emotions from grief for the ones who had been lost, relief for the ones who had made it and humble gratitude for being part of such a incredible event.

As I left the beach I kept thinking about them being called in, I went back to the sight of the festival on top of the mountain range surrounding the bay and full of crystal caves, i was sure what they were hearing was frequencies amplified by the caves, looking back at previous strandings they seem to mostly happen on a February full moon. I collected some crystal samples, it literally is the ground you walk on, and when I got back I embeded with spooky, they are easy to embed, so they wouldn’t take a lot to make the mountains and caves resonate. but what frequencies are being resonated, what is creating them and why on the February full moon, are the whales just innocent victims of this, or is it aimed at them, I had a lot more questions than I did answers.

On my way back up the north island I called into Gary Cook who has a music of the plants device that can read the energy a plant puts off using this device you can through experiments learn what energy plants put off when they are happy and distressed. you can communicate with plant, we put the end of a peace Lilly leaf while still attached to the plant into a spooky remote and played different frequencies to it, each time the frequencies changed peace Lilly would stop making any noise, then after about a minuet, would start to respond, by the responses some frequencies where more enjoyable that others. my thought is that as the plants that live on top of the crystal mountains will pick up the frequencies that call the whales in a while before the whales come in to strand, so if a few of these plants could be monitored on a regular basis then the change in frequencies could be picked up, and action taken before the whales come into the harbor.

Not knowing why these events are happening I feel it would be a mistake to try and interfere as far as the mountains are concerned, but using spooky and a agricultural radionic device to broadcast frequencies over a set area such as the harbor that could stop the whales entering could stop standings, not only in New Zealand but in stranding hot spots around the world. by using the frequencies of things that the whales didn’t like, maybe the frequencies of sharks.

Spooky is a incredible healing device, but it is so much more than that. it gives us the opportunity to talk the universal language of frequency, if there was a device that could read frequencies in the environment as well as anoment objects , then spooky+radionics+quantum physics tools could change the world, with very little effort we could dissolve the plastic waste in the ocean, stop malnutrition in 3rd world countries, and so much more.

If we can learn the universal language of frequency, there is so much we can learn not only from whales but everything in nature that was here for millions of years before us and holds so much knowledge.

Hundreds of people braved challenging conditions to help refloat the surviving animals. Daylight yesterday revealed a small miracle – all but about 17 of the extra 300 that beached overnight on Saturday had struggled free on the high tide.
By afternoon, they too had been saved. Volunteers were expecting to return at first light to see if any of those final 17 had restranded.
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Even the major papers reported the spooky supported stranded whales as a miracle.