Insomnia Overcame and Energy Boosted

By | August 8, 2019

Dear Echo,

You emailed me to ask how I was finding Spooky2 after having it for 2 months. You can use the following as a testimonial if you like.

After 2 months of owning a Spooky2 set-up I am now confident using it. I have two xm generators plus the usual attachments. I mainly use the remote but occasionally use the contact pads for a biofeedback session and for acute situations.

The main help so far has been with overcoming insomnia which has been a problem for me, on and off for the last 10 years. After 7 nights using the insomnia frequencies remotely I am having the best sleeps for as long as I can remember. Now I only use the frequencies maybe twice a week. I’m over 70 so it’s no longer possible to stay asleep for several hours. But several ‘sleeps’ of about 2 hours each works for me. When I wake up in the night it is easy to slip off to sleep again. Thank you Spooky2!

Other uses for my wife and myself include mental and physical energy boosts when required as well as stimulating the immune system during the Winter months (which are with us here in the Southern Hemisphere as I write).

I continue getting to know what can be done with Spooky2 and will expand my set-up in the future. The support and flow of information from the Spooky2 team and the contributing users around the world is impressive as is the instructional material. Fantastic. I highly recommend the Rife/Spooky2 approach to health and wellness!


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