Keratosis Mole is Completely Gone After Using Spooky2 Scalar

By | April 25, 2019

With scalar, it’s not a direct target like with GenX and its hard to know how and if it is doing something. When we do get success, it’s very exciting. So wanted to share.

A couple of years ago I was told this slow growing growth was a Keratosis Mole. Was told they can keep growing but if it changes shape or color then it may have turned to cancer.

This fall it started growing more. It had me nervous so started taking pictures.

Timeline – used scalar in July. No scalar in August. Then started using scalar 24/7 in September except one week in October. My scalar is 20′ apart in my bedroom so am in the field while I sleep and some during the day.

Mole started growing throughout the fall.

11/17/18 first picture.
12/10/18 husband said I HAD to go to the doctor because it had developed black specs.
12/16/18 it was dry and I felt like it was very dry and flakey.
12/17/18 was red but the mole was GONE.


Today, the area is smooth with no evidence a mole existed. Not even a scar! Completely gone!

Now, I have no idea why scalar chooses to rid me of the keratosis and it has not gotten rid of little skin tags or other issues. Perhaps this is the one that may have had skin cancer. I just do not know but excited it is gone.

Someone asked me if I was targeting it with plasma or remote generators or GenX scans. The answer is NO direct treatments. This fall I ran GX scans for 1 week so it could not have been from the scan and run. The only possibility that was consistent was using Spooky2 Scalar.

I wonder how else it may be healing? Scalar is still a mystery to me. But am thankful I have it.


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