Killed off Mold in Trailer

By | April 26, 2016

Dear Spooky team, All,
I have spooky for 3/4th of a year now.

I used the mold sweep to kill off some mold I found in my trailer. Ran through some bumps in the road on the way, but I made it there. I would suggest using a knife to scrape up some of the mold into a pile onto the sticky side of the paper masking tape and insert it without folding the tape as to give the mold enough air.

The mold sweep is normally ran non-stop for 10-14 days. Try using up to 4 gens evenly spaced out in time to do a mold sweep. That should hit the MOR of the mold up to 4 times each pass instead of just once. Hopefully that will kill the mold faster.


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