Lots of Success With This Machine

By | August 26, 2023

I had a lot of success with this Machine. And sorry the text got a little long.
1. I had parasites from poisoned food called Ascaris Lubracoides (I won’t show the pictures, it might be disturbing). I went to my physician who gave me ivermectin as medication. After 1 week with Plasma and remote, I was free of this parasite the laboratory said. I don’t need to mention, I didn’t use one piece of the drug ( I still told my physician I used them regularly )
2. I had a terrible infection of my lungs and bronchitis which went into a more disastrous bronchiolitis. I used 3 different types of antibiotics, but all three didn’t help at all, because the bacteria Klebsiella pneumonia is resistant to those. After 4 months I developed pneumonia ( had a hard time to breath ) After 5 days of treatment with Contact and remote,my hands went Black as you see in the picture. I thought it was burning marks after 3rd day of hunting and killing. A week ago, the doctor said there were just a few strings left in the bronchi and asked me how did I acomoplish such great results. No more pneumonia and I can walk up the stairs again.
I just told him, that I used alternative methodes and after he heard that, he refused to listen further. And told
Me Placebo is a strong tool. (After this answer, I will change my physician’s guess)
These are my two major successes with this machine and I’m sure, without, I would have still the same problems or even worse.

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