Mitigating My Migraines Using Spooky2 Generators

By | November 17, 2020

For those who suffer migraines, I’ve hit on something that seems to mitigate the pain and duration considerably for me. This is fantastic since I’ve been getting them almost weekly since July. I run Song of the Spine (presets> miscellaneous >remote> Song of the Spine) on one generator and on another generator, I run remotely a custom preset I created using a healing shell preset (migraine disorders ETDF, headaches unknown cause CAFL, and headaches 2 XTRA). I run both generators continuously as soon as another migraine starts coming on and the pain, nausea, light/sound sensitivity and duration are considerably lessened and shortened making them a whole lot easier to withstand! I am so grateful to other people on here who have posted things they do as I’ve tried a lot of them and have funnelled down to what seems to be working for me for now. (I’ve saved screenshots of other things I haven’t tried yet so I have a continuing arsenal of more things to try in case this ever stops working). We are all different and things change. I wanted to offer suggestions and give back in case a migraine sufferer hasn’t hit on their right combo yet…..just something else to try. You all are good, caring people and I’m grateful to be part of this community! 😊


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